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Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
. >> reporter: bob clark recalls the day he married the girl that caught his eye at san jose state. >> very cute. >> reporter: norma's first impression of bob... they tied the not in 1964 in san mateo, california. they eventually moved down to southern california and raised two kids. a few months ago, 74-year-old bob and 71-year-old norma celebrated their 48th anniversary. and a newspaper article about what documents to have in case of death got bob thinking about the future. >> one of the things they talked about was the importance of having a legal marriage license, so if you want to get your spouse's benefits, you gotta have that document. >> reporter: so bob called the san mateo county hall of records to get a copy of their marriage certificate. two weeks later, a surprising letter. >> they had no record of it at all. and i remember i called her from work, i think. i said, look, we're not married! >> the church obviously would have a record of what they did, and everybody's signature was there. what they forgot to do was send it in to the county. >> they faxed a copy to us. >> reporter: marr
Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm PST
a rush to survive. bob was walking nearby. >> what did you hear? >> i heard bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! >> reporter: steve forsyth died in the food court. 15-year-old kristina shashanko was seriously wounded. the gunman knew none of his victims. >> we all need to be very thankful this incident wasn't much worse. >> reporter: clackamas county sheriff says the gunman was armed with an ar-15 semiautomatic assault rifle and carried several magazines of ammunition. >> based on the evidence we obtained, it appeared that the suspect's rifle did jam. >> reporter: the mall had recently run a drill preparing for just such an incident. stores gathered shoppers and locked their doors. police arrived at the mall within two minutes at the first 911 call and brought thousands out of the mall, ordering them all to keep their hands up. witnesses with say 22-year-old jacob roberts was wearing a hockey mask and yelled "i am the shooter" before he ran down a back hall and turned his gun on himself. roberts has no police record, but his mother had seen his life going wrong for years. on her my space web pa
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm PST
commission ended program to save $5 million a year. some of the larger bills came from senator bob dunn gone. his chevy tahoe wracked up nearly $6000 in work. he says the car was nearly 100,000-miles. he bought it weeks later. new tires and a cooling system flush as part of a $2400 taxpayer bill before he bought the car. >> it's my money going to it. it's frustrating. >> sounds like we're getting ripped off. doesn't sound fair at all. we work really hard for our money. >> reporter: an unnamed source told me when lawmakers gave up their cars they got auction to dealers. lawmakers could then buy their own cars. repairs ultimately made more money. he claims lawmakers didn't take advantage of taxpayer dollars. >> oakland police have fended off the feds. the city cut a last minute deal with civil rights attorneys to avoid a takeover. they agreed to a compliance director. cbs 5 insider says both sides can claim a partial victory. >> reporter: the plaintiffs will have someone within the department to make sure that changes are made. and if they aren't made they can go to the court and ask for chang
Dec 14, 2012 11:00pm PST
division title number four in a row when they play centennial tomorrow night. we give bob lattisser his 399th. one of the top rated quarterbacks in the nation is committed to play at cal. he says he'll still be a bear now that sunny dikes has replaced head coach. >> it was a little rough at first when i found out he got fired. he was a great guy. i loved him as a coach. it's devastating at first and then you take a step back and say wow, the guys won't be there. the new staff they're bringing in is top notch. they're on their game. it's going to be a fun four years. >> from quarterback jerry goff as we toss to a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> have a great weekend. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. t... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs >> i'm ale an kalter, and now
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)